Why I Formed This Election Reform Organization

For the past four and one half years I’ve supported a state recognized political third party with ballot access. During that time I’ve become aware of the obstacles associated with gaining ballot access and maintaining that access in subsequent elections. In our U.S. Constitution the states retain the rights to prescribe the times, places and manner of holding elections and there are vast difference between states. I admire the enthusiasm and dedication of the Libertarian Party’s effort to maintain ballot access in all fifty states. However, their success — winning offices and influencing governing — has been minimal. The close 2020 general election between Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden enlightened me that with the election process implemented by most states third party and independent candidates only have significant impact when playing the role of “spoiler”. Consequently, I have decided to spend the remainder of my cognizant life — I’m in my mid seventies — promoting election reforms that will assist third party and independent candidates to become competitive with major party candidates.

I’ve searched the internet hoping to find an established organization with election reform goals that align with mine. It is usually easier to join and expand an existing group than to start from scratch. While I found numerous national and state nonprofit and informal organizations none addressed all aspects of election reforms for all states consistent with my goals. My primary conflict with other groups is the abolition of the Electoral College and establishment of a national popular vote to elect the POTUS/Vice-POTUS. I’m a constitutionalist who defends the original compromises reached between the large and small populated states. Therefore, I have purchased this domain name to facilitate collection and dissemination of election reform related information. Since I am not a website developer it will probably take me a month or more to become familiar with the associated software tools and to establish a minimal website. I am an introvert and a private person so all communications will be via the internet and I will continue to only use my pseudonym. 

Some of the election reform goals this organization plans to lobby for are: reasonable ballot access requirements; availability and acceptance of online petition forms; automatic voter registration; no excuse required mail-in ballot request; early acceptance and counting of ballots submitted by mail or in person; open nonpartisan top five primaries followed by ranked choice voting general elections; and allocation of Electoral College votes according to congressional district and statewide winners.

This organization begins as an informal grassroots movement that neither solicits nor accepts financial donations. With your participation it can grow into a nonpartisan nonprofit IRC 501(c)(4) organization that lobbies for election reform legislation and accepts nondeductible financial donations.

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